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Unequivocal Customer Satisfaction

  • Our hosted solution offers superb phone line capacity
  • Four redundant locations on separate power grids across multiple networks
  • Instant fail-over architecture eliminates any single point of failure
  • 24/7/365 Customer support

End-to-End Reliability & Redundancy

The cost and reliability of our solution makes it attractive to use in many situations, beyond just emergencies: Police Emergencies, Abductions, Community Bulletins, School Closings, Water Shortages & Restrictions and more


Effortless Scalability

Software as a Service (SaaS) provides our customers with business applications hosted on our high-speed, redundant servers. You simply pay a subscription fee, rather than a more traditional licensing fee, and access the applications over the Internet.


Lowest Cost of Operation

SaaS applications don't require the deployment of a large infrastructure at your location, which eliminates the upfront commitment of resources. Our SaaS applications can be planned and executed with minimal effort and roll-out activities, creating one of the shortest time-to-value intervals possible for a major IT investment.